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There are so many different varieties of insurance linked to the life of the policyholder and so many life assurance companies with similar offerings that expert advice can be invaluable.

  • Term assurance - At its simplest, in exchange for paying a premium, the life office will agree to pay out a certain sum if the insured dies before a certain date.

    If the policyholder does not die within the term, the policy merely lapses. There is no payout of any sort. These policies are usually cheap to buy and they perform the useful function of providing protection for those who benefit from the policy, such as family members, if the policyholder dies.

    The same principle of protection applies to a number of other types of insurance whether the benefit is, for example, to provide specific help to the deceased's family, or to repay a mortgage.
  • Level Term Assurance - Level Term Assurance Plans are usually quite affordable and flexible. You can choose joint or single life, the amount and length of cover, and optional critical illness cover.
  • Pays out a pre-agreed lump sum, normally tax free, if you die during the term
  • Choose critical illness cover and the plan will pay out if you are diagnosed with one of the specific illnesses mentioned in our key features document, during the term. How you spend the money is your choice
  • Please note the price you pay will depend on your personal circumstances and if you do not pay your premiums cover will cease
  • Mortgage Protection Term Assurance - Mortgage protection term assurance operates In the same was as level term assurance. However this option differs in the way the benefit is paid out. The level of cover reduces each year on the same basis as the capital due on a repayment mortgage.
  • Critical Illness - In the event that you are diagnosed with a critical illness such as cancer the policy will usually pay out a lump sum that is tax free which you can use to aid with any adaptations needed or simply to pay the bills.

    Different policies will offer cover for different illnesses and it is important you are choosing a policy that gives you the level of protection you want. All critical illness policies cover ‘core' illnesses, these are cancer, stroke and heart attack. Taking the time now to choose the right policy will ensure you are not left in a vulnerable situation at the most inconvenient time possible.

    It is important to note that there is no universal list of ‘critical' illnesses, each insurer will have their ‘core' list of illnesses covered and usually a second list with ‘optional' additional illnesses that can be considered critical enough for them to pay out for. Most will pay out for a person undergoing coronary artery by-pass surgery however not all would consider a heart valve replacement or repair ‘critical'. With that in mind it is vital to get all the things that you would consider ‘critical' covered and not assume the provider's list will mirror your expectations.
  • Family Income Benefit - These plans are the most cost-effective form of family protection. Instead of producing a lump sum in the event of your death, the policy produces a regular tax free income for your dependants for the remainder of the plan term. This saves cost, tax and a lot of hassle for your family at difficult times. The amount paid each month can be set to rise with inflation, or to remain level over the plan term.

    This type of policy is payable for a set number of years from commencement, so for example a claim made in year 18 of a 20 year term will only pay out for two years. That's why it costs less.
  • Income Protection - Income Protection Insurance cover gives you peace of mind paying you a monthly tax free income if you become unemployed, have an accident, or become sick. Cover normally continues until you recover and return to work, retire or die.
  • Private Medical Insurance - Private medical insurance means you can get treated quicker than going on the NHS. Like all insurance the cover you get varies – but basic private medical insurance may pick up the costs of most in–patient treatments (tests and surgery) and day–care surgery, and some extend to out–patient treatments (such as specialists and consultants).

    Simple definition of private medical insurance (also known as private healthcare) is medical treatment paid for privately rather than supplied by the NHS. Private medical insurance includes policies such as dental care and cash plans.

    Private medical insurance usually covers the costs of treating acute conditions (a disease, illness or injury that is likely to respond to treatment). In general, it will not cover the treatment of long-term and incurable illnesses.



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